After adapting and evolving to cope in the pandemic, we have taken the decision to change our working name to better reflect the service we have become.

Seeing the benefits for residents of changes made during the pandemic, such as being open 24 hours a day and operating with single bedrooms, we have decided to make these modifications permanent. This makes us no longer just a night-time facility.

Another motivation for change was residents sharing that the name ‘Nightshelter’ can carry feelings of shame and embarrassment with it and can be barrier to people seeking our support.

These factors have led us to consult with residents, volunteers, staff and supporters over several months before creating and launching our new identity. Whilst we remain rooted in our past, we are looking forward to growing into the future as The Winchester Beacon with the support of our loyal community.

Our registered charity name will remain Winchester Churches Nightshelter but our new working name, The Winchester Beacon, will encompass our services and our Jewry Street building. Our commitment to ensuring our funds are used to support our residents remains a priority so please bear with us as we gradually migrate to our new name without the investment in big marketing budgets.

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