Financial report 2022 – 2023

Total income:


  • Donations – £422,953
  • Local Authority Grants – £174,580
  • Housing Benefits & Residents’ Payments – £140,447

Total expenditure:


  • Staff costs – £231,723
  • Running costs – £119,006
  • Resident support and wellbeing – £110,670

The surplus income of £276,581 will help to fund the essential refurbishment works at our main site on Jewry Street as well as much-needed renovations at our off-site properties. It will also enable us to realise our plans to increase bed capacity at the earliest opportunity through the purchase of an additional off-site shared property.

Our work is only made possible thanks to the support and generosity of our donors and funders. We would like to thank everyone who has shown faith in our work through donations. Sadly, we are unable to list every person and organisation but would like to take the opportunity to highlight a handful of donors below.

More details about our finances are available in our Annual review. A full version of our Financial Report can be obtained from The Winchester Beacon office.