We are currently open to residents 365 days a year and since lockdown began, residents have been able to stay on site 24 hours a day. As well as being a place to stay, residents are able to access a wide range of specialist support on site.

Once a resident is in receipt of benefits, we ask them to pay a £3 per night contribution to help cover the cost of our services, or £10 per night if in employment. This small contribution helps prepare residents for their financial and budgeting responsibilities once they have moved on from The Winchester Beacon.

House agreement

We want the Nightshelter to be a safe and secure place for all those who live, work, volunteer and visit us here. When they accept a bed, we therefore ask residents to adhere to our ‘House Agreement’:

Drug and alcohol free shelter

The aim of The Winchester Beacon is to work with people in housing need and this includes those who currently use a range of NPSs (new psychoactive substances), illegal drugs and alcohol. We offer specialist on-site support, as well as links to off-site support organisations, for those coping with substance misuse issues.

In order to keep The Winchester Beacon safe for all, we do not allow alcohol, illegal drugs or NPSs (new psychoactive substances) to come on site. We also have a duty of care to promote wellbeing, reduce harm and ensure the safety of all our residents, volunteers or staff members.

It is for these reasons that staff are authorised to undertake random drug testing and a test for alcohol (by breathalyser) before allowing residents entry into The Winchester Beacon. Many residents have also said that this policy has helped them to control their addiction.

No animals

Sadly we cannot allow animals to stay at the Nightshelter, due to health, safety and insurance reasons.