We would like to thank all our amazing supporters who donated food, gifts, money and time to ensure our residents’ Christmas was as good as it could be.

We were so touched by the generosity and thoughtfulness of supporters in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Businesses, churches, schools, community groups and individuals made contact to offer their support.

Thanks to this kindness, every resident woke up to gifts to open. Current and former residents were invited to come together for Christmas lunch cooked and served by volunteers keen to help.

Michèle Price, Chief Executive, commented: “Christmas can be a particularly challenging time for our residents. Experiencing homelessness can feel isolating and this is often heightened during the festive period. Receiving gifts and messages from members of the community reminds residents that there are people who care about them. It can help them to feel less forgotten and more part of the community. Thank you to everyone who helped in some way over Christmas, your support is so appreciated.”


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