Emma, 30, was working in health care when she lost her job. As her accommodation was provided with the job, this meant that she was suddenly not only unemployed but also homeless. Emma stayed with us for over a year whilst we supported her to tackle some of the issues at the root of her homelessness and helped her set up a stable future.

“I did not know what I was walking into, I had not been in this position before. I was just an ordinary girl trying to support myself and my family.

Although I had all the stresses going on in my mind just thinking how am I going to put myself together and how am I going to fix my situation, I think stepping into here and looking around, meeting the staff and residents, there was just a moment when I felt I could breathe, I could pause, I could process. I felt safe.

I had debt and other issues coming into here. Being able to sit down with staff members like George, has been amazing. I had fear, I felt embarrassed, ashamed and anger at myself for the situation I was in but each and every person has shown me such compassion. It is one in a million place to be.

I enrolled in college for a hair and beauty course which has kept me busy and enabled me to pick up a skill which will help me.”

Emma has now been supported to move into her own accommodation in the city. She is still in touch with The Beacon and has recently had the opportunity to access free life coaching from one of our volunteers.

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