We are asking for help to give our male residents the dignity and privacy that they need when staying with us. Read on to discover how your donation could change someone’s everyday.

Currently, male residents staying at The Winchester Beacon share a communal bathroom. For many, this can be intimidating and off-putting at a time when they are already feeling vulnerable. It can therefore prove to be a barrier to them washing and it can also make them feel uncomfortable and anxious.

Sharing a bathroom is also not very safe when the pandemic is still a threat. We try to keep it as clean as possible but sharing bathroom facilities does put our residents at an increased risk.

We are therefore raising money to replace the current washing facilities with individual bathroom pods which can be allocated to residents. We have been quoted £80,000 for the work and have already secured £30,000 in funding towards the cost. We are now trying to raise the remaining £50,000 so that we can go ahead.

Can you help?

We realise things are tight for many people at the moment but even the smallest donation will help us to achieve our goal and give our residents the dignity that they deserve.

Please consider donating today.

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