George works full-time in the role of Support Worker at The Winchester Beacon and has helped hundreds of our residents to escape homelessness. Through one-to-one support, George is able to identify each individual’s support needs and work with their strengths to help them to rebuild their lives.

“No two days are the same. That’s because each resident is dealing with their own set of circumstances and personal challenges. My support is tailored to the needs of each resident so one day I might accompany someone to a doctor’s appointment and the next day I could be helping someone else to set up a bank account.

I work with each resident to uncover the obstacles that they face and help them to heal and rebuild. This includes looking at their health and wellbeing and also their hobbies and pastimes. Having been homeless with often chaotic lives, many of our residents have forgotten what it is that they enjoy doing.

The feeling that I get from being able to help someone to move on with their life is amazing, I love supporting people. I really like listening to their stories and hearing how far they have come during their journey.”

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