At the beginning of January 2024, we welcomed our new CEO, Mark Wakeling, to The Winchester Beacon. Mark will be taking over from Michèle Price who has retired from the role.

Mark looks forward to meeting volunteers and supporters of our charity over the coming months, until then he has a few words for supporters:

“Many of us will have started the new year with a fresh sense of planning and hopes for the months ahead. I’m pleased to have been doing this not only personally, but also within my new role as CEO of The Winchester Beacon.

Any future reflections need to start with an appreciation of how we got to today. I am delighted to be joining a team that has worked hard under the leadership of Michèle to ensure support and provision for people facing homelessness in Winchester and surrounding areas.

We are all aware that there are many challenges that face us as a society. As I take on the leadership of The Winchester Beacon, I want to make sure we are ready to face these challenges and ensure an ongoing service to those in need. Homelessness is sadly growing and it remains essential that we respond to this challenge locally and join with others nationally to seek real change.

My hope for 2024 is that we remain a beacon of hope and ensure our work not only develops to meet the increased demands but also helps to address some of the root causes people face.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our work. I may have only been in the role a few weeks but it is already clear to me how integral our local community is to what we do. We are incredibly fortunate to have your kindness, support and generosity fuelling our life-changing work.”

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