Jo, 22, became homeless after his relationship broke down with his mum. He was served an eviction letter and had one month to find somewhere to live.

After approaching the council for help, he was referred to The Winchester Beacon and joined our waiting list. He was soon offered a bedroom and moved in.

Jo stayed at our main site for about seven months before progressing to one of our move on houses. In a few days, he will be taking his next step away from homelessness when he collects the keys to his new flat.

“I was surprised when I looked at the letter and realised I was being kicked out of my own family home. It was the only place I’d ever called home.

When it was going on I became so low and didn’t want to do anything, I thought everything was over and I couldn’t see a way out.

The Winchester Beacon is very welcoming. The staff are really nice, I could ask them anything. If I had a problem, there was always someone who could help me sort it out.

There have been a lot of benefits to being here. When I arrived I wasn’t very confident but since progressing here I have become more confident and willing to do things. I have got myself a job in hospitality which has helped me to become more independent.”

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