Jennie Maizels

We are excited to have collaborated with a local Hampshire artist to create one of our 2019 Christmas cards. The ‘Snowy Scene’ card is the work of the talented, Jennie Maizels.

Jennie has published twenty-two books which have sold over two million copies worldwide. She is known for her detailed pop-up books which include Pop-Up London and Pop-Up Complete Works of Shakespeare.

From her rural studio in Hampshire, Jennie masterminds her hugely popular Online Sketchbook Club. Using fool-proof ‘recipes’, Jennie’s sketchbook modules enable anyone and everyone of any age and ability to create masterpieces.

Jennie commented on her motivation for supporting the Nightshelter: “I have lived in and near Winchester for seventeen years. It’s a beautiful place to be and I feel very lucky. However, like most cities we have our fair share of homelessness and people whose lives have taken a wrong turn. It can happen to any one of us and we must never ignore it or feel that there is nothing we can do. When Winchester Churches Nightshelter asked me to collaborate on their Christmas Card it was a wonderful opportunity to get involved.”

Jennie’s latest big project and passion, is to turn Sketchbook Club into a Social Enterprise. Making it possible for those most in need of the benefits of creating to achieve beautiful masterpieces hugely beneficial for mental health and physical recovery.

The ‘Snowy Scene’ design featured on the card is available as an online module and it is hoped that some of the Nightshelter’s residents will have a go at creating their own version of the card in the lead up to Christmas.

“I am really looking forward to introducing Sketchbook Club to the Nightshelter and hopeful that the power of art can help reduce the stress of homelessness and boost confidence and self-esteem.” said Jennie.

Cards cost £4 for a pack of ten and are available to purchase from the Tourist Information shop in the Guildhall or from the Nightshelter. We also have another card design available featuring a stained glass window in a local church.

Visit to discover more about Jennie’s work and her Sketchbook Club.

Snowy Scene Christmas Card





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