This week, staff and residents took a day trip to Longleat for a dose of escapism and fun.

The visit was arranged to give staff and current and former residents a welcome break after the stress of the pandemic over the last couple of years. Staff have gone above and beyond to ensure that everything was done to keep The Winchester Beacon open and operational throughout Covid. For the residents, experiencing homelessness is challenging at any time but this has only been made harder by the impact of the pandemic. The trip was made possible thanks to funding from the Jeremiah Colman Gift Trust which recognised the difficulties that have been faced.

The smiles said it all. With their worries left in Winchester for the day, residents and former residents focused on exploring the inspiring collection of animals and having fun together. Staff took a day away from one-to-one appointments and also focused on fun.

Residents gave their feedback about the outing:

“Thank you so much for gifting The Winchester Beacon with the chance to organise a trip for the staff and residents. It gave me and chance to come out of comfort  zone and meet new people. I had amazing time seeing all the animals and seeing some in person that I have never seen before. It was a once in a life time experience. It was great meeting staff and residents that I’ve never met before. thank you for a unforgettable day.”

“I went on a trip to Longleat with The Winchester Beacon, I was worried with the anxiety of going and meeting new people. Never been before, I had an amazing time there, my anxiety got better . The Winchester Beacon staff made lunch and there was so much of it. The lions were brilliant and I am so happy to have seen one and quite close up too, being scared of the water I got on the boat I’m glad I got on it ( not quite helped with the fear still but I did it ). The staff bought ice cream and drinks and the train ride was very good too. So many animals I didn’t know existed. Thank you to staff and Debby for the day out many thanks.”

Longleat 3
Longleat 4
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